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Gilgit Security: Surveillance cameras to become functional from tomorrow

The cameras will ensure 24-hours video monitoring of all the major parts of Gilgit city

PT Report

Gilgit, December 2: The Home Department of Gilgit – Baltistan has installed surveillance cameras in different parts of the Gilgit city, as part of its efforts to control the menace of target killing.

All major government and private installations, main roads, entry and exit points of the city, main markets, religious sites, airport, bus/taxi stands, important bridges, government offices, residences of VIPs, and important road-junctions will be monitored for 24 hours.

The cameras will be functional from tomorrow, according to a police official who briefed media today in Gilgit. A dedicated team has also been put in place to manage the new surveillance system.

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  1. When human eyes and minds fail, technology cannot do any thing. another excuse to exonerate failure of government

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