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Shoot-on-sight orders issued in Gilgit

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Gilgit, January 7: Police and other law enforcing agencies in Gilgit have been authorized to shoot terrorists at sight. The decision was taken in view of the dangerous violence that has gripped the region in fear, as dead bodies keep falling almost every day.

Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah, who has been accused by opposition parties of taking the issue of law and order in Gilgit city very lightly, took the decision today while chairing a specially convened meeting. He also asked all ministers and advisers to stay in Giglit. According to CM Secretariat sources, Mehdi Shah has also cancelled his normal schedules to personally oversee the situation on daily basis.

Critics believe that the government takes too much time in responding to the volatile peace situation in Gilgit, which has severe ramifications for security across the region. The inability of government and administration to come up with a viable peace solution has left the residents of Gilgit, specifically, and the whole region, generally, at the mercy of gun-totting terrorists who kill with impunity.

Government sources accuse segments of the public of sheltering criminals and making it hard for the law enforcing agencies to establish rule of law.

The killings are widely believed to be sectarian, tit-for-tat, but some quarters believe that a large number of murders may not necessarily be caused by sectarian hatred.

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  1. i am so sorry people of our land,,,,, we are really really sheeps,,,we keep our head down and eat grass. i feel pity for the people they dont have any idea about human rights, dont know nothing about self rights, this shoot on sight is in complete deviation to UN human right charter.

  2. Shoot on sight is not a solution as a remidy of voilence in Gilgit city. We must create awarness amoung the general public that human beings are the created by Allah not any one else.Allah is responsible for Life & death.He is the best Judge to decide good & bad. Irequest the people of the region to kindly understand the law of the nature.Do not destroy the peace in this beautiful valley. We all are brothers & sisters irrespective of what faith we practice.Everyone of us are from the same blood of Adam & Hawa.If any body misleads Allah is responsible for the same.He is the only Judge to decide our fat.

    Jehangir Shah

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