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Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is Pakistan’s first Oscar Nominee

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Islamabad, January 24: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has become the first Pakistani film-maker to be nominated for the prestigious Oscar award, for her film “Saving Faces”.

“The day I received an Emmy my father died- had to turn around & go 2 airport- Tday I’m sure hes smiling down! “

Ms. Chinoy’s twitter reflection on the Oscar nomination.

Sharmeen had won the prestigious Emmy Award in 2009 for her documentary film “Pakistan; Children of the Taliban”.

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  1. Being on Oscar is good thing, but why not project something positive about Pakistan. Why keep showing the whole world our negative things. Out of many millions things, a person could have chosen to be showcased about Pakistan, its natural beauty, the Northern Areas, the Lakes, etc. sadly this was the best we could show to the world. The world already things bad of us, by showing them our weaknesses, specially to the Western Audiances, do you think they will have any sympathies for us, No!. The Western Media loves such humiliating movies documentaries and we Pakistanies love to prove to them how much we can produce such humilating self-degrading movies to please them! Courtesy Zain @

  2. Very Good work Sharmeen! the above Comment given is not about u, you are playing your part as an active Generalist and we wish you best of luck. Those comments are for the Western Media who always want the show the world the Negative Side of us. Once again Best of Luck!

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