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Electricity supply for Gilgit will be restored on Feb 21: Wazir Shakeel

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Gilgit, February 18:  Provincial Minister for Water and Power, Wazir Shakeel, has thanked the residents of Gilgit city for the “cooperation” they have extended to his departments. He has also said that the Naltar Power House has been closed till February 20, for repair and maintenance. The electricity supply will be restored on February 21, the minister said.

He said that the tank had been filled with silt which led to creation of cracks. He informed that an expert team from Lahore had analyzed the water tank and the repair work is being conducted accordingly.

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  1. Gilgit city has plunged into darkness for two times now due to stoppage of 18 MW Nalter hydropower project. The first time we were told that worms have eaten up the sealant in control and expansion joints. Experts were called in to assess the problem and solve it by filling the joints. Not a month has passed since then that the power plant has again been shut down to repair the water leakage for the storage pond. This time Mehdi (Secretary W & P Deptt) has retracted earlier blame on worms and come up with even more preposterous argument that it is the silt that has caused water leakage.
    It is to inform Mr. Mehdi that silt cannot cause water leakage.
    Water from the pond floor or walls can leak due to one or more than one of the following three reasons:
    1. Through concrete which alone is rarely adequate to ensure water proofing. Water can migrate through its microscopic pores or other pathways created by shrinking cracks.

    2. Expansion joints and control joints.

    3. Any instrument, utility or other penetration.

    It is evident that adequate water proofing materials and techniques have not been employed. The Secretary should explore the application of bituminous membranes combined with resins and rubber and water stoppers to achieve full water proofing in the pond.

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