[Poem] Mom, we need to talk!

Mom, we need to talk!

 I will break my silence,

You share your pain!

Beautiful is my valley

And brave are my people

I am proud and firm,

A daughter of the mountains!

But there are some forbidden boundaries,

Where I am not allowed to talk

But, mom,

We need to talk, now!

I know it is hard to hear,

 the things

that I’m about to say

the truth is cruel, harsh,

and inhumane

God, my lord!

give me the strength to talk

There is some darkness

in our valley of beauty

the not-so-good darkness,

which has terrorized me,

since I was a child!

The darkness comes,

from the devils, galore!

The devils, disguised,

Are living among us,

And act like family

and also friends,

One of those devils

Blackened me, mom!

When I was a child,

And since then I have cursed myself,

and loathed my luck

I have felt great guilt,

for crime not mine!

I have felt ashamed,

For his deeds, not mine

Mom, my dear and sweet mom,

That guilt has killed me, every day

The darkness he gave me,

has blackened my life

I remember the devil

Coming to our house,

With a smiling face,

I hated his face,

his smile, and presence

But could not open my mouth,

For he acted like family,

And you all believed,

the devil,

Just like I did

Mom, it was not your fault,

that I got darkness

don’t feel guilt for the devil’s crime

you were busy with work,

The never ending work

Sometimes in the fields,

Sometimes with the cows,

you never had time for yourself,

Or me!

Today, I have grown,

And so has the darkness

And even now I fear,

that the devils are happy!

playing with “preys”

I am not sure, but mama,

Some friends have said,

That the devils’ smile has

Not ended yet,

That there are preys

Still getting the darkness,

in this age of light!

Forced to live,

a life, like me!

I am told the preys are girls,

And boys

That for some devils,

humans are toys

I hear the preys are chased around

And laughed at by the “social” hounds

And the devils’ face lights up, they say

When the prey is teased

and happiness ceased !

Mom, if you trust me,

Don’t trust anyone,

Neither the family,

Nor the friend,

Protect your children,

Just like a leopard

I have broken my silence

For you, and the rest

Now, mama, is your time

To share your pain!

The contributor has requested anonymity.

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  1. Sad,alarming and eye opening situation if true and needs to be investigated through research. Otherwise, it will have grave consequences for the culture and norms of the area

  2. The poem is not only heart-touching or pain just by reading it but is also a fact and our girls are facing such evils in our society today.Though I highly value Muhammad Aslam Khan’s comment and views to deal with, but I am also wondering why he is showing his incognizance about this fact. Many girls from the region go through such heinious moments and nobody has taken action on it. They always have just tried to hide it under the carpet but have never investigated about its consequences.
    I really thanks to the writer for bringing up such pernicious issue in our society that brings women’s life to death. I hope that our elders/institutions will work on such issues in future.

  3. Indeed its very painful and heart touching poem one of a girl who completely illustrated her lifetime experiences and tragedies. Dear anonymous (Sister) you have the right to share with your brothers and you will find the solution.
    The entire story is awesome and mind blowing. God Bless you and bring peace to you and be happy in life.

  4. Pen has more power then sward, all individuals or collective inhabitance have to play there part
    for peace and harmony in the region very nice QUOTE from writer.
    (When the prey is teased and happiness ceased)
    The ulcerous part must be removed from the society
    other wise it will be a epidemic cancer for the whole society
    Pamir time thanks for sharing very nice poem.

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