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GB Scout gets policing authorities, perpetrators will be busted soon: Rehman Malik

We are peace loving people: Agha Rahat Hussain

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Gilgit, February 29: Interior Minister Rehman Malik successfully negotiated with leaders of the Shia community in Gilgit and accepted all of their demands. After acceptance of their demands thousands of mourners postponed their protest for one week. Leader of the Shia community, Agha Rahat, said that if the demands were not met practically thousands of people will come the roads across Gilgit – Baltistan.

Senator Rehman Malik was visiting Gilgit on instruction of PM Gilani, to negotiate with the enraged members of Shia community protesting against the murder of 18 people in Kohistan yesterday.

Gilgit: Rehman Malik addressing a press conference in Gilgit along with Chief Minister and Sheikh Mirza Ali

Addressing a press conference along with Governor GB, Chief Minister and Sheikh Mirza Ali of the  Imamia Anjuman, the interior minister said that each victim of the Kohistan carnage will be compensated by payment of 1 million rupees each by the federal government. He also assured that highway patrolling force will be established to ensure safety on the KKH.

Malik also said that the culprits of Kohistan Carnage will be busted soon. He said that the GB Scout will get policing authorities for a period of three months. He also announced that a clean-up operation will be conducted in Gilgit to purge the region off miscreant.

One member of each of the affected families will be offered employment by the government. He termed the seven demands of the Imamia Anjuman just and announced acceptance of all the demands

Speaking at the occasion, Agha Rahat termed the massacre to be equal to the 1988 carnage in which tribal militias had attacked some villages of Gilgit district and killed scores of people. He demanded resignation of the Chief Minister and Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, calling them spineless and inept.

A seven point charter of demands was earlier presented during the funeral prayers in which the following demands were made:

1. Expose the local network of terrorists involved in the Kohistan carnage

2. Secure KKH for all passengers and schedule additional PIA flights, including C-130 flights, for the region to ensure safe journey. Expand the current airport and make it all-weather. Establish a separate terminal in the Qizilbash Muhallah

3. Pay 5 million rupees each to all the victims and provide employment to their family members

4.  Clarify the constitutional position of Gilgit – Baltistan and enact the state-subject rule

5. Open Kargil-Ladakh raod

6. Arrest the murderers of Agha Ziauddin and implement the accord on syllabus

7. Expel non-local forces, especially FC and Rangers, from the region and depute them along the KKH in Kohistan to ensure safety of the travelers

The Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, has meanwhile announced 1 million rupees for each victim of the Kohistan carnage. He has also announced that one member of each affected family will be employed in a government department, to compensate the loss of livelihood due to murder of the family members.

Gilgit city remained shut throughout the day as people preferred to stay indoors to avoid any mishap.

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