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Gilgit: Demands accepted, protest movement called off

Rehman Malik sees foreign hand behind Kohistan Carnage 

Gilgit: Rehman Malik and Sheikh Mirza Ali address a press conference

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Gilgit, March 10: Leader of the Shia community of Gilgit, Agha Rahat Hussain, has called off a protest movement after discussions with Rehman Malik , Pakistan’s federal interior minister.

Rehman Malik visited capital of the Gilgit – Baltsitan region today and assured the Shia leaders that all of their demands will be met. He said that a list of the terrorists will be provided to the Jirga in Kohistan, who have agreed to handover the terrorists to the police. Rehman Malik hinted that banned outfits might be involved in the terrorist act. He also said that there is also involvement of foreign hands in the tragic incident in which 16 passengers were shot dead mercilessly on the KKH.

Rehman Malik, while addressing a press conference after meeting the Shia leaders, said that their other demands will be gradually met . He said that 2 million rupees will be paid to families of the victims. He also said that one member from each family will be provided job in some government organization.

On the controversial syllabus issue, Malik said that orders have been issued to the Chief Secretary for implementation of an agreement reached in 2009.

Rehman Malik warned that no one will be allowed to undermine the state’s writ in GB. He said that the government is considering to launch a comprehensive operation in different parts of GB to stop unscrapulous elements from deteriorating the law and order situation.

He also said that no outsider will be allowed to purchase land or settle in GB without a written No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Ministry of Interior.

He also said that NADRA office will soon start operating in Diamer.

The press conference was also addressed by Sheikh Mirza Ali, leader of the Shia Ulema Council.

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  1. use less decision, what is the benifit of operation after one month , ???? so the culprits could find safe place in one month, Govt give time to them…… biass and discrimination decision ….recently in Hunza Nagar distric what Govt did ??? Why they raids day n night for use less and to support evils ….. why ???? beacuse the ppl of hunza nagar are peacful thats …… this is absolutely discrimination …. The people of Kohistan never slender the culprits never ! this is a jock on GBians …. we raise our voice against Govt and the puppets ….the human heart ppl must come forward to play their role

  2. ak aur bath batawon gah. ak aur bath batawon gah. Rahman Malik Toopi GB walon ko lagah kar chala gaya. 15 din bad per ak bath bataney aaye gah. . Mr. tooopi khan

    Our sincere Gratitude and Salutes to our Great Leaders of GB who become the pillars of PEACE in a crucial moment when the TRAITORS and the ENEMIES of our dear society tried to highjack the PEACE and turn our region from a HEAVEN into HELL .Each peace loving personality of the region of all faiths have done such a remarkable job that will be remembered for the years to come. The drive, inspiration and the desire which has motivated all these great men is very simple and straight. Perhaps they never felt that they belong to a different faith from each other, so there destination and GOAL was one and that was ‘THE PEACE IN THE REGION “(GB). This great cause will might lead all the people of GB to learn how to live in peace and harmony by respecting each other and their faith. And that will lead them to peace and prosperity in the region.

    “SONY WATAN GILGIT BALTISTAN” NEW YORK USA and its Members Salutes our GREAT LEADER Mr. AGHA RAHAT who become a symbol of peace in our society in a very difficult time. He guides the nation and led them to their destiny. His leadership is a reflection of the courage and unselfishness that we all have come to recognize. We strongly Demand the Govt. to REWARD him “THE MAN OF PEACE AWARD” for his services.

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