Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Gojal Lake: Second phase of FWO’s drainage effort yields little result

Latest view of the resurfaced Karakuram Highway

Our Correspondents
Gulmit: Efforts of the Frontier Works Organization in the second phase this year seem to yield little result. The water level has not gone down significantly. Local people were expecting a greater decrease in the water level but the existing situation has caused anger and anxiety in the disaster hit Gojal region.
FWO plans to resume excavation work on the spillway in October this year, when the flow of river decreases.

7 thoughts on “Gojal Lake: Second phase of FWO’s drainage effort yields little result

  1. If you expect a big result from the present government you will end up with frustration!! They are good for destroying institutions by nepotism, bribery, & favoritism. Tourism, the only industry and the biggest source of livelihood of Gilgit-Baltistan facing enormous challenges but there is no help from the present government specially the provincial government of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  2. its really bed news, FWO can achieve better results by good planning and alternative measures, the winter season is spread from October to April but FWO managed only two blasts, does this makes a sense? why not 3 to 4 blasting? why not thinking about alternative measures and strategy during the summer seasons? FWO should work throughout the year.


  3. Dear kako,,,a convicted and disqualified PM in parliament and a professional thief in president still expect for something.?

  4. FWO should seek help from Chinese experts.There is no shame in seeking expert advice. KKH should be opened up as soon as possible

  5. That makes three years of failed efforts. It bears noting that the top of the spillway is in a confined area with unstable debris slopes on both sides which makes excavation difficult and perilous. Indeed there are reports workers have been lost.

    Add to that that the upper spillway is underlayed by an unknown number of slab layers that have proven resistant to erosion and the FWO’s efforts. Until these slabs are broken up by drilling and blasting, the lake will remain.

  6. i must say this is again showing the failure of the Government. two years is a big time for a nation like pakistan. where some nation complete and solve the problem of people within a month and here the Govt of pakistan is still making fun of the people of Gojal-Hunza.
    please i am requesting the youth of Gojal to wake up and rise your voice at national level. we need a true and patriotic leader ….!!!! really !!!!
    God bless us all.

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