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BNSO activists resign, express dissatisfaction with ‘mother party’

Lahore(PR): Prominent activists of Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO), “Hameed Group”, have resigned from basic membership of the party and decided to serve the nation independently.

According to a press release, Engineer Tehseen Ali, former Central Spokesman of BNSO, Hassan Hasnain, Central Secretary, and Dr. Aziz Qurban, former members of the Central Executive Council, have resigned from BNSO (Hameed) along with members of the zonal cabinet for Lahore and other workers, expressing dissatisfaction over functioning of the mother party.

“The mother party seems to be interested in media coverage only”, the press statement suggests. “The leaders have failed to do any practical and constructive work in the region”, the statement said.

“There are only 5 to 6 leaders of BNF (Hameed Group) in GB, with almost no workers”, the statement reads.

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  1. Right decision taken by the whole cabinet as the so called leader Abdul Hameed hase been thrownout from the party by the Supreme Head of BNF Nawaz khan Naji In 1999 due to his wrong activitis and affiliation with agencies which are working against our motherland.

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