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GB: PPP spending public money on “Happy Birthday” advertisements

Filling newspapers after newspapers with ads has neither any aesthetic appeal nor any positive emotional impact. It, instead, raises serious doubts about the government’s seriousness towards welfare of the downtrodden people. If the government is able to make life of the people better, the public will spend their own money to praise them or felicitate them on their birth or death anniversaries.

Our Correspondent 

Islamabad, June 21: The GB Governor, Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Law Minister and almost all cabinet members have wasted millions of rupees from the public fund by publishing tens of huge advertisements in several newspapers published from the GB region.

The adverts, making for more than 60% of almost all prominent dailies, are redundant and full of praises for Shaheed Mohtarma Benaizr Bhutto, President Asif Ali Zardari.

It is pertinent to note that similar advertisements are also published on different anniversaries related to Z.A.Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

The advertisements are published through the Press Information Department, funded by the national exchequer.

The students and other youth based in Islamabad, including PPP stalwarts, have condemned the extravagances by the GB Government.

“When it comes to providing amenities to the public, the chief minister and other cabinet members repeat the excuse of lack of resources”, Anwar, a disgruntled youth who supported PPP during the last election, said during a short survey.

A number of young activists expressed dissatisfaction at the performance of the government and asked the ministers to take practical steps for improvement of the region, instead of trying to present themselves as “tigers on paper”.

It is pertinent to note that despite of tall claims the government has completely failed in controlling the law and order situation, or improving the region’s economic condition. Parts of GB are going through worst power crisis, with thousands of people without electricity for days.

“Had BB been alive today, she may have stopped them from wasting the public’s money”, a PPP leader who did not want to be named told Pamir Times on phone. He expressed shame over the attitude of the elected representatives.

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  1. We get upset when we see the poor result of the Government and their actions to keep happy their masters.The Birth day advertisements are just a display whether people like it or not. People have no any interest in such activities. They have interest in practical development and facilitation.The Cm Sb, is not aware of the economic back ground of the people, education, health and other day to day needs of the people, they are in a very difficult situation yet not any solution but his first priority is to keep happy his Bose, people don’t have any objection to serve his Bose but not at the cast of development of masses.It is our request to spend the right thing at the right place .

  2. I agree 100% with our great educationist Raza Muhammad for useless advertisment that has no relation to BB or the people of Pakistan.These ads are just for their own publicity and financial gain.Instead these pages be used for a research article or for an idea by our intellectulas and the money spent can be used in any village school for the small expenditure they incure for stationery or other relevant needs. Please let this culture not to grow on any occasion for any party as these are paid from Govt.exchequre.

  3. I think fristly there is no justification of spending public money on such lavish and unnecessary expenses and the party workers should arrange it from there own account.Secondly what sort of message these illiterate persons who are occupying the positions of Governor and Chief Minister to the public in general as this corrupt mafia either in federal or provincial have dragged the economy of the country in a worst edge of dicline. It is really a shamful situation for this party and instead of such drama they should mourn on there corruption, inactiveness, disqualification, scandals, fake degrees, loadshedding and lawlessness etc.

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