Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Gojal Valley van accident toll reaches 10 with the death of Muhammad Wasi

Hussani: The van was completely destroyed in the accident

Hussani: The van was completely destroyed in the accident
Our Correspondent
Islamabad: Muhammad Wasi, driver of the van that fell in a ravine last week in Gojal Valley (upper Hunza) killing 9 people, has passed away in Islamabad. His funeral prayer was offered in Islamabad this morning and the body was dispatched to Gulmit for burial.The death toll in the worst road disaster of Gojal Valley’s history has now reached 10.

He had been brought to Islamabad for treatment due to lack of medical facilities in Gilgit – Baltistan.

8 thoughts on “Gojal Valley van accident toll reaches 10 with the death of Muhammad Wasi

  1. May Moula give eternal peace to the deceased and courage to bereaved family members for the irreparable losses.

  2. May Almighty Allah, in his infinite mercy bless the souls of all the deceased and grant them a choicest place in the heavens. No doubt the condition of the roads is improving between Gilgit and Hunza but road safety should also be given an equal importance by the concerned departments of the Government who are responsible for the safety and welfare of the people. There is a genuine requirement of having secure Guard Rails all along the KKH since there is never a second chance in case of an accident.It is also a pity that so little has been done in the health sector for the Gilgit Baltistan region both by the Government and also by the NGOs operated by the International community.Nothing concrete has so far been initiated for emergency evacuation and except for the Agha Khan Foundation which does have a helicopter, NO organization or NGO has seriously thought of Provision of a Helicopter or Aircraft for emergency medical evacuation in this region. I would partly also blame the present Government of Gilgit Baltistan for ignoring the importance of preserving human lives in any eventuality.
    The President of Pakistan could donate a Million US Dollars to a shrine in India but remains oblivious of the genuine requirement of Emergency evacuation of accident victims or serious patients to better medical facilities who are otherwise prone to certain death for a lack of proper and timely health care, in the Gilgit Baltistan region.
    It is a prerequisite of GOOD Governance to ensure that the lives of citizens are given top most priority.
    Maulana Abdul Sattar Idhi has a helicopter and an aero plane for Air ambulance role but these are being utilized in the South of the country. There is an absolute necessity for air ambulances in the Gilgit Baltistan Region.
    I also take this opportunity of appealing to the conscience of the International Community through the auspices of this NEWS Paper, to seriously consider provision of an Aerial Ambulance to preserve and save precious human lives by timely evacuation of patients or casualties from inaccessible areas to appropriate Medical Facilities.
    I hope these comments are conveyed by the press to the President of Pakistan, the Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan and all the international humanitarian Organisations working in the Gilgit Baltistan region which already is lagging behind in facilities.I also request the management of Pamir Times to highlight this important issue with all the Foreign Missions who would certainly respond positively to such a genuine humanitarian cause.

  3. If we address the problems of the effected people one finds logical conclusions, at the same time we must appreciate the services of the brave volunteers of Hussaini village & Passu village who recovered the dead bodies and shifted the injured to nearest medical hospitals at their own.In future action by emergency response team can save many precious lives. When there is a will there is a way.

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