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JUI leader, Maulana Ubaid ur Rehman, shot dead in Gilgit

Gilgit: The dead body is being rushed for burial and the markets have been closed

Gilgit: The dead body is being rushed for burial and the markets have been closed

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, November 30: Maulana Ubaid ur Rehman, a leader of the Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI) was shot dead by unknown terrorist near Madina Hotel close to Jaghlote Adda in middle of the Gilgit city. Police have arrested five people and started investigation. The murdered leader was among the people who played an important role in bringing peace and calm to Gilgit city during and before Ashura.

The murder was condemned across the region by people from all sects and segments of the society. Qaumi Aman Tehreek members organized a rally in the city to condemn the death and demand justice for the family.

6 thoughts on “JUI leader, Maulana Ubaid ur Rehman, shot dead in Gilgit

  1. It’s duty of the Government to bring to justice the culprits behind this incident.We cannot have this kind of mayhem, this type of wholesale slaughter of innocent people, men women and children and not see justice done.Not a single person has been hanged involved in the killing of innocent people in Gilgit city as well as in its surroundings.70 passengers have been killed in Kohistan and Chilase,even the videos of those culprits are public but no serious step has been taken by law enforcement agencies.And the same in the Gilgit city in the presence of those law enforcement people a main figure of JUI has been assassinated.

  2. Shocking news for all gbians that it seems some elements are trying to destroy the peaceful efforts of our peace committee of Gilgit,Religious leaders and Government law and force agencies. Once again we appreciate the efforts of peace committee and visionary religious leaders in collaborating with Govt. agencies in maintaining control on such tragic incidents.

    The Govt. administration and law forcing agencies needs to be more alert and vigilant in their routines duties. Though it is noticed that a little bit improvement and changes in Govt. officials and systems have started due to efforts and interest of top management like Chief secretary and his team. But still some routines and rules needs to be followed and honour.

    The following two things are most important to lead a society towards a reform and well organized civilized society.

    1. Self consciousness: That is the result of Education ( secular and religious) in which a person follows rules, regulations, values, ethos and abide by ”amerbil maroof and nahi anil munker”. In this scenario a person is socially and ethically bound to perform his duty honestly and regularly.

    2. Rule of law or proper system : We can not expect from each and every individual to be fair, transparent,honest and true pakistani or true GBIAN or true muslim in dealing his routine life. For an example there are thousands of employees Grade one to grade 22 in GB to deliver the services to communities and Govt. is spending billions of amount against their services. But at the same time it does not demand for out put or its outcome. Even than it does not ensure its presence in the offices or working place against the heavy salary.

    As a case study I collected the information about Govt. Office timings and its circulation. I was surprised to know that in this winter season Govt. Timing is 8,o clock and closing timing is 4,o clock.
    Further I explored that GAD is only responsible for forwarding orders and the duty of implementation rests with relevant department head or secretary. The question arises here is how many department heads or secretaries have placed a system to ensure that their all staff are in office at exact 8,o clock and leaving the office at 4, o clock. If we have not yet set our Office routine as well how can we claim that we are achieving the desired objective of department.
    I am also attached with an NGO as professional equal to grade 19 along with a social activist or member of a peace committee and dare to share our office routines. Our office timing is 8.30 and you will found all employees are at their desks, and similarly closing timing is 5,o clock and all staff top to bottom will left office at 5,o clock. If any task or assignment remains incomplete than we have to do late seating as well up to 12, o,clock at night. As far as remuneration is concerned we are getting equal to 1/3 of Govt. scale. In-spite of of so much hard work we can not fulfil of expectations of community and organization.

    If govt office timing is 8 o clock and it is not followed by all, irrespective of their designations and positions than it should be changed according to context i.e 8.30 or 9 o clock. thus the off timing can be changed. If it is difficult for all staff to work 8 hours than the rules should be amended. As a muslim why we are committing dishonesty in our routines as in Quran says. “Do not be dishonest in your dealings, dealings with Allah and his Prophet peace be upon him, Even you are familiar and know”.

    The purpose of my sharing this case studies links to unpleasant incident of yesterday and good governance. The good governance can only reduces the crimes and social evils of society. If at 8,0 clock all staff would have been at their work place the terrorist would not dare to attack in the rush of people or in presence of force and police.

    Top management is expected to ensure proper mechanism to follow the basic rules regulations of Office routines. It is a good sign that two weeks of training Programme was organized for deputy secretaries and department heads. We expect to see changes in their office routines and in their staff to delivery the services to make the state a real welfare state.

  3. Killings, killings, killings and more killings…sometimes by terrorists in the name of jehad and sometimes by local fanatics against what they call ‘blasphemy’… life is so beautiful guys, the one who has been given a precious life by the almighty does not deserve such a bloody death and we all have been gifted this life…make use of it, live it.

  4. Confucius & old lady!

    Confucius was a teacher, scholar and minor political official whose commentary on Chinese literary classics developed into a pragmatic philosophy for daily life. Not strictly religious, the teachings of Confucius were a useful approach to social harmony and defined moral obligations between individuals and social systems. After his death his pupils collected notes on his sayings and doings and recorded them as the Analects. This compilation was added to over the years, and many sayings attributed to him are probably only loosely based on his teachings. His approach was formalized into a political and religious system during the Han Dynasty in the early part of the third century. It was embraced by subsequent generations and was the “state religion” of China until the latter part of the 20th century. In recent years critics have condemned Confucianism, characterizing its reliance on tradition as an impediment to modernization. Link:

    A story of Confucius and Old lady is told as, one day Confucius was passing from a village. When all a sudden a saw a woman crying over and so much so blood patches all around her. Confucius was surprised. He asked the lady the reason for weeping and the blood. The lady replied, this morning a tiger has eaten my son so I am crying in his grief. She further mentions that in the same place last year, the tiger had killed another young man.
    Now Confucius was surprised to know this story. He asked the lady, you told me that this morning the tiger has killed your son and last it had killed another young man in the same place. Why don’t you quit this village?
    Her answer was so beautiful; since the ruler of the area is so just and kind that’s why we can’t leave this place.
    Only those nations & communities of the world enjoy prosperity, peace and development who maintain justice and fair play in their dealings. Our Holy Quran also emphasizes fair play in the dealings and the same time the life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is living example of justice, fair play and good governance.
    It’s unfortunate, that hundreds of innocent are killed in Gilgit every year but there is justice for these criminals.

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