Gilgit - Baltistan

Poll: Operation or no operation?

Several politicians and social leaders have proposed that a strict operation, or a de-weaponization drive, should be launched in Gilgit by the Army to help curb the menace of violence that has kept the whole region hostage throughout the year.

Others oppose the call for operation based on the result of  similar past attempts which brought no relief for the ordinary people.

Many others oppose the operation because of the fear that any mismanaged operation may further radicalize new segments of the population and create long term issues instead of healing the past wounds.

We are conducting this poll to identify views of our readers, including those residing in other parts of the world. Please participate and let your voice be heard.

Do you support an operation in Gilgit?

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  1. Every civilized citizen of GB will support the dewaponization of society and rule of law.I strongly believe that Health and eduction department should be depoliticized on priority basis and no religious ceremonies should be allowed in the goverenemt premisis to avoid further widening of existing fault lines.The Pakistan Medical Association GB chapter could play vital role to improve the infrastructure and make sure every citizen should get optimal care without sectarian and ethnical discrimination.

  2. In the past several times these kind of operations have been conducted and it did not brought any long lasting peace in the region, every time when law enforcement agencies conducted operations they only took the guns from innocent people who caring these guns to protect their families or hunting purposes.
    Law enforcement is not capable of safeguarding the innocent citizens, so taking the guns away from these individuals will make the situation more vulnerable because no one have guts to capture or confiscate the weapons from bad guys.
    Instead of operation I may suggest these few points:
    1. Give the chance to all citizen to register their guns of a legal range and caliber for self protection or hunting (No one need a AK-47 or Kalashnikov these kind of weapons should be banned)
    2. Define and enforce concealed hand gun laws and make it easier to get a concealed hand gun license, a simple background check and fingerprint should be enough to get one.
    3. Enforce existing laws to transport high caliber weapons into the region, this can be done by making army check posts on all entrances
    4. Police department needs to be shaken up from top to bottom, all police officers who have a history of taking bribes, discrimination and lack of performance should be punished according to the labor code, and honest and well performing police officers should be given awards and recognitions in open public ceremonies.
    a. All new recruitment in police force should be based on merit (This is true for all departments but lets start from here)
    b. All existing police personnel who do not meet physical and educational qualifications should be given the duties they can perform with out any challenges.
    c. Safeguard jail system and make sure no one gets special treat in the jail, and guards who fail to perform their duties should be prosecuted.
    The situation in Gilgit-Baltistan is worsen in the recent months not because of the people have guns, its because the police force is incapable of protecting innocent citizens and unable to capture the terrorists who butchered innocent people in day light and released the heinous videos of mass killing, we all know who these people are but police can not capture them instead they went to make a deal with these terrorists. If police department is so sissy it can not ago after these bad guys, if they can not protect the lives and property of general public then they can not take away the right to protect themselves from innocent citizens.

  3. Operation Clean up:

    Every well wisher of GB would be interested to be GB weapon free zone like japan. At the same time the operation of user needs to be considered. Beside it the operation of mind of weapon user is equally important. This also can be done through morally and ethically by religious and social leaders along with law enforcing agencies.

    The decision of clean up dates, timing and muhallahs should be top secret to avoid repercussions if it is considered essential in order to discourage the people who deal weapons. This decision can be matured through mutual understanding of top officials, Chief Secretary, IGP, Chief Minister, Governor, Speaker and Force commander as well.
    The religious leaders can be kept on board to ensure to achieve desire result of operations.

    Once again I suggest incorporating the Islamic values in daily governance and routines that is honesty, tolerance, equity, equality and rule of law that are totally missing from scene in the society.

    I was surprised to read the following two announcements in daily news today:

    1. Governor took serious action on target killing.
    2. Law minister resigned from parlimany board.

    We were assuming that Governor sab would up date himself on quarterly bases by top management if it is impossible bi- monthly. It seems strange to be conscious now after loosing too much. I think governor and Chief Secretary are two prime representatives of Government who can ensure the good governance and rule of law through various department heads and administrators.

    All GBIANS are appreciating the efforts of Chief Secretary and his team for striving to stream line the systems in Government departments. A little bit accountability components are seen in some offices but still there is a long way to go.

    But still evidences and case studies of corruption are narrated by common people. Yesterday a taxi driver was telling me that it is said if 3 lac would be given as bribe I can be appointed in a certain department where I had appeared in test.

    Another case study was that a person had qualified driving test but he is asked for 20 thousand to get letter of appointment.

    The other case study is a person was appointed in grade 14 after getting 3 lac. He was asked to assume his duty as a teacher he loosed his temper and cursed the management and said he had asked to appoint as grade one not TGT.
    One another interesting case study I was told, in a certain school a graduate teacher was appointed and first day she announced in staff room that she will make tea for them she can not teach to students.
    Another most interesting story that a leading political figure we should not say him leader announced in a gathering after intoxication that he has become billionaire.

    If these current stories and case studies are based on reality how we can say that we are living in a knowledge society and meritocratic era. If we reflect on our own actions it will find against the all values, whether these are Islamic or universal. We are violating all values and no body is there to stop us. God better knows what would be our future and situation of GB.

    The news of resignation of Law minister is also amazing for us that being a key person of ensuring rule of law in GB he is withdrawing himself from field and allowing the law breachers to play further with the area.
    Minister sab as law minister one day you have to be accountable to nation of GB, as senior educated person and law knowing person of this land what was your role in reducing corruption and ensuring transparency in govt. dealings and maintains rule of law in the area. You would do remember your address in KIU on good governance. Please play your role as senior educated of GB and set the noble examples of good governance.

    You are the leaders of time and area whether you are more literate or less literate at least do not compromise on corruption.

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