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Musharraf should be tried in International Court of Justice, demands Manzoor Parwana

SKARDU (PR): Chairman Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM) Manzoor Husain Parwana has demanded that former president Pervez Musharraf should stand trial on the charge of killing innocent people not only in Pakistan but also in Gilgit-Baltistan.

In a statement here, he said Musharraf was responsible for launching the Kargil war in which hundreds of NLI personnel were killed. Not only this, Musharraf was also charged with killing innocent people in Gilgit-Baltistan at the behest of former dictator General Ziaul Haq in the year 1988.

He said Musharraf should be tried in the International Court of Justice so that no future dictator can commit such crimes in the country.

He said PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif had been demanding commission to probe the Kargil war and make Musharraf accountable for the killing. Now time has come Nawaz Sharif honoured his promises and form a commission to probe the Kargil war and bring the responsible to justice.

He stressed the need to form a transparent and independent commission to expose the fact behind the war and make the public know who planned and benefited from the war and who were responsible for the killing of NLI personnel after sending them to the war in civilian dresses disguised as mujahidden.

He said Kargil International magazine was banned for criticizing Musharraf. The charge-sheet prepared and published by the magazine against Musharraf has now turned out to be 100 per cent true and the local administration of Gilgit-Baltistan should apologize to the journalists and withdraw all cases against them, he added.

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  1. Mushraff is the hero of Gilgit Baltistan,he launched many development projects in GB ,and you are talking of his trial is it a joke?

  2. Musharraf lives in the hearts and minds of people of Gilgit Baltistan, the kargil issue has been raised just to block his return and refrain him for participating in election campaigns, we do not agree with the remarks and thoughts of Mr. Manzoor Hussain Parwani, I would like to ask him that with whose permission we carried out military operation with india during 1948, 1965, 1971 and so on, we have complete grip on the history of pakistan, we are aware of the measures and actions taken by the so called democratic governments during 1988-1999.

  3. Except Qaid Azam, all the presidents , prim Ministers and their Ministers are responsible of three wars and terrorism developed and patronized in the country. Today hundred of innocent people are dieing without any reason.Who is responsible then? And is the present Government is not responsible for that?

  4. The GBIANS believes on practicalities and not on mere rumours and personal views. It is amazing that a person who has done a recorded development work in GB and launched mega projects like KIU, to blame and accuse seems immoral and unethical. All things should be based on evidences. So many killings are continued in our country whether we should blame an individual or system. I would say that we should discriminate between well and worse. Manzoor sab this may be your personal perception but don not endorse this statement with GBIANS. I have frequently mentioned that GBIANS regards and honours to those parties and individuals who have won the heart of GBIANS through their interventions by launching mega projects and prioritizing the welfare of GB people and ensuring delivery of services to a common man.

    * Late zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,and shaheed Benazir Bhutto are recalled due to their dynamic leadership and democracy.

    * Pervaz Musharraf is recalled due to his corruption free government and record development projects and programmes in GB.

    * Sharif Brothers are honourd and regarded due to their practical affiliation with GBIANS through many welfare and development programmes.

    GBIANS wants a transparent & corruption free government regardless of party affiliations that ensure easy access of basic human services.

    At last but no least GBIANS would recognize and honour that party or leadership who would grant constitutional rights to GB and eliminate the stories of corruption from society.

    Regardless of party affiliation we appreciate the efforts of Dr. Qadri who raised voice against corruption openly as Anna Hazara had done in India.
    All we need to support those leaders and administrators who work for society reforms and condemn who are involved in corruption.

  5. musharaf is the only hero who contributed much more to Gilgit Baltistan, The status of GB today is due to his devotion, and sympathey with GBIANS

  6. Whatever you people may say, what Mr. Parwana said is now at the corner; let’s just watch Mian Sab winning the election the commission has to come and all the accused who for no reason killed hundred NLI people in the Kirgel war will be brought to justices. Just hope Mian Sab form the next government.

  7. Who is this Manzoor Parwana,……….
    A companian of corrupt looters………..
    Ufffff Scandals belong to PPP, Hajj Scandle, NICL, Afidrain, Raja Rental, OGRA Touqeer Sadiq, Railways, PIA PPP never misedchance to crush Pakistan, and very funny their fake slogans…..Rooti, Kapra or Makaan,.
    How much long time you people will make NATION fool.

  8. Musharraf wants a corruption free Pakistan and he tried to do so. Who ever is against him is corrupted,

    Mr. Manzoor: Just Shut up

  9. Dear all commentator above … I think none of your belong to Gilgit Baltistan… A man who cut off more than 2700 youths of Gilgit Baltistan in Kargil misadventure and admitted that he was the architect to used NLI in Kargil , He is not hero he is a war criminal.
    A person killed your family and compensate you heavy amount you will called him your bani factor /hero or criminal??// Think just a few minutes and visit GB to observe the miseries of the widows and children of Kargil martyrs.
    Manzoor Parwana

  10. Mr. Manzoor, If it was so, why our army is still at kargil. Why they have not left it. Daily hundreds of pakistanies are killed by our own people. Should we blame to Musharaf also. In 1965 and in 1971 wars many of our soldiers lost their lives defending borders of their beloved country. Should we also held Musharaf responsible for these loses. Was he alone responsible in decision making at country level to materialize the Kargil war. We need to be rationale before to defame others.

    The GBIANS observe his govt. a corruption free government where merit was honoured, record development work was carried on, mega
    projects were launched during his time. The GBIANS were comfort to a greater extent in their daily lives. It is another thing that he approved NRO in the larger interest of pakistani community to create integration amongst various parties this was his blunder which he has also confessed. It was needed to recover the wealth of pakistan from influential individuals whether those were political leaders or berucreates.

    I admit that all we need to be on same page and line to create harmony and peace in society.It is not the only job of Govt. There are some tangible things or steps that can be taken to reduce the frustration of common people by government as well.

    In Gb context just now I was reading in news paper that due to out of budget recruitment of 8 thousand employees GB has Financially suffered. It means there was no check and balance system at federal as well as provincial level that caused enhanced anxieties amongst all stake holders.

    It seems that the purpose of hiring was collecting the money for specific leaders through their internal agents. All this was because of unaccountability and lack of good governance, not existing transparent hiring mechanism at provincial and federal level.
    all these weaknesses indicates towards lack of rule of law. Manzoor sab we are hearing from Baltistan that Jobs are sold Is this right or wrong. If this is right how many times you have forbidden or discouraged the individuals to avoid such social evils which leads the society towards deterioration and declination. You also need to write and suggest the steps for establishment of reform society in GB.

    Now a days Chief secretary is keen to streamline the systems and striving hard to ensure the all systems should be in placed. It is also good sign that CM has also extended his cooperation in eliminating the corruption but it was too late. All GBians are waiting about the consequences of corrupt elements who have defamed the whole region and GB.

    So far this corruption has dis hearted and disappointed the GBIANS except some agents and middlemen who are finding ways to further de-stabilize the new set up of GB.

    My humble suggestion with CM and Chief secretary would be to compare the financial status of these corrupt elements( leaders, workers,officers) for last five years. This step would be helpful for future to reduce corruption and discourage corrupt elements.

    All well wishers of GB want corruption free leadership and management as well to ensure a welfare Islamic state and reform society.

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