Promise: Kalash community asks PTI to nominate their candidate on minority seat

Luke Rehmat

Chitral, April 2: PTI had promised to allot reserved seat for minorities to the Kalash community during Imran Khan’s visit to Chitral, in response to the demands of the people of Chitra.

Today there are rumors that PTI has even not included Wazir Zada Kalash in its priority list.  The information that has reached the valley through a reliable source has not only disturbed thousands of people in UC Ayun, including Kalash, it has also casted doubts about PTI’s ability to keep its promises.

This scribe contacted Wazir Zada, a regional leader hoping to get the minority seat, to ascertain the  facts. “I am in Islamabad since yesterday because there was an  important meeting of PTI parliamentary board. I am still expecting that PTI will not do injustice with me’’, he added. “It’s high time for PTI to get supports of youth and everyone in the country by implementing PTI’s slogan for change’’

Wazir said that he was not completely disappointed. He hoped that PTI will not discourage youth and minorities, as the PTI is a movement of justice and how it can do injustice with minorities that remained deprived from their basic rights since birth of Pakistan.

To get reactions from people in Chitral this scribe contacted Sartaj Ahmad ex-Tehsil Nazim and a social worker. He said that during a meeting of Chitral chamber of commerce he had urged Imran Khan to give priority ticket to Kalash minority. “He had promised me the same” Sartaj said. He added, ‘’PTI can win our hearts if it allotted priority ticket to Wazir Zada Kalash indeed he is a young and well know political figure in Kalash and well-known social worker. Giving priority to him can be very positive for  the future of  PTI in Chitral’’.

A number of youth including ex-secretary PTI UC Ayun Ghoar said that it would be embarrassing if PTI cannot keep its promises.

If selected, Wazir Zada Kalash, will be the only non-Pashtun minority parliamentarian in the history of KP assembly.

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  1. During my visit to Kalash valley I had an opportunity to interact with the people and they were very optimistic about Imran Khan and PTI.We should support the people of Kalash valley and Imran Khan is the ray of hope for Pakistanis including the minorities of this country.

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