Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Raja Shahbaz Khan requests Chinese premier to increase tourism between China and Gilgit-Baltistan

Islamabad: Raja Shahbaz Khan, former member of the Gilgit District Council, got the opportunity to address the Chinese and Pakistani premiers the other day, while the former had arrived here on an official trip. Raja Shahbaz Khan, wearing traditional cap and feather of Gilgit-Baltistan, stunned the Chinese premier and others present in the gathering, by delivering a portion of his speech in Chinese language.

He thanked the Chinese premier on behalf of the disaster affected people of Gojal Valley and appreciated the vital assistance provided during the last two years. He also urged the Chinese premier to allow Chinese tourists to visit Hunza valley, in particular, and Gilgit-Baltistan, in general. He also requested the premier to look into the issue of Hunza River blockade, which has disrupted traffic between Pakistan and China, since 2010. He also requested for creation of a Technical College in Hunza Valley.

The Chinese premier stood up to greet Raja Shahbaz Khan and met him in a very cordial manner. He also received an artifact as gift from Raja Shahbaz Khan.

11 thoughts on “Raja Shahbaz Khan requests Chinese premier to increase tourism between China and Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Excellent shahbaz sab for bridging the relations between GBIANs and Chinese premier. It is a good sign for development that you are utilizing your skill and proficiency for the larger interest of Gb.

  2. Good Job Raja Shabaz Khan. We appreciate your efforts for the people of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan.

  3. Wonderful Raja Shahbaz sb. You did the job of an Ambassador of the region. Peoples of China and Hunza maintained very warm relations for centuries deep in the history, which the people of China value. This bondage can be revived and further strengthened for the benefit of the peoples living on both sides of the border. For this purpose, Raja Shahbaz can play important role by virtue of his family ties with China.

  4. Weldone! Thanks Raja Shahbaz for representing GB on such a crucial event.

  5. I was glad to see to had a great opportunity to meet and address the chinese delegation by Raja Shahbaz Khan on behalf of GB. At the same time, I was disappointed to learn his narrow view, he was thinking only of Gojali people and requesting a technical college in Hunza. I think there were so many schools and colleges already existed in GB, and if you need such a college in Hunza then its not bigger than an issue of a GB member. I think, you missed the golden chance to brain storm on some geo-strategic/politics issues with reference to GB.

    ALI Balti

    1. Dear ALI, you are correct, one cannot expect from a leader at least from Hunza to think narrowly. Its beyond one’s imagination….

      Unfortunately, the political environment in entire GB is gradually synchronized with that of national, and even people and leaders from educated parts of the region have been marred identically.
      Look at the present GB govt, it didn’t lag behind that of national standards in any sphere of life…. Hon’ble Speaker’s remarks that he gives public, in utter distress, provide sufficient evidences.

      In such circumstance, there should be some segments of society that could be viewed as last resort for revival of value system.

      Who will lead the change back to the traditional value system, is the million dollar question…

  6. i would really appreciate Shabaz Khans effort he has truly done a great job. he has conveyed the message of GB in a good manner however he is not in GB Gov but he is sincerely doing his very best from his end. i that was the first job of GB Gov, what ever great job we must say

  7. it is really appreciating efforts of Raja representing GB particularly the hunza. it is impressing for me and being present in the meeting focusing the real issues of the area like a leader. nice… it is good sign for our area that our leader are going to aware to the issues and learning to represent their sanctity.

  8. Hats off raja sab keep going with sincerity to help the deprived people of GB. The people of GB should nominate deserving individuals for the GBLA to work for the betterment gibians in a true sense. and its only possible when voice of the people of GB to be reached to the upcoming government in fedral with involvement of great china, other wise even collective voice/ effort of the people of GB can’t do any thing.

  9. Yes good job but i have mentioned here before that these people are not sincere with their jobs and responsibility because the main cause of the job is personal not public,we need to understand those things because the result is it shows irresponsibility and incompetence.

    Thank you

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