Awami Action Committee calls off Dharna after successful negotiations

Islamabad, April 26: On the night of the 12th day of consecutive Dharna, the Awami Action Committee said that while the struggle for the basic rights will continue they are conditionally calling off the sit-in after successful negotiations with the government committee in Islamabad.

The government will notify the reduction in price of wheat, which was one of the nine demands of the Awami Action Committee on Monday, said Advocate Ehsan Ali at an emergency press conference at the Dharna site in Ghari Bagh, Gilgit. He said that if the government does not notify the reduction, the people will come on the roads again.

The news has sent a wave of relief throughout Gilgit-Baltistan which was going through a very uncertain situation due to the very peaceful and the longest strike of the region’s history. Some are calling it the most peaceful and the longest strike of the history of Pakistan. The Dharna had started on the 15th of April and continued till the 26th, culminating at the night of the 12th day, while the clocks were getting ready to announce the beginning of the 13th day.

The sit-in at Yadgar Chowk Skardu has also come to an end.

Photos: Hussain Nagri

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