Gilgit: Civil society to hold candle light vigil for slain lawyer Rashid Rehman

Gilgit, May 9: A Candlelight vigil will be held by civil society GB in Gari Bagh Gilgit in memory of our friend, reknowned lawyer and coordinator HRCP Multan Mr. Rashid Rehman at 07:00 pm on Saturday 10th April 2014. All Friends are requested to attend it with great zeal to advance their support to the cause of Human Rights.

Rashid Rehman was a human rights activists and lawyer
Rashid Rehman was a human rights activists and lawyer

Mr. Rashid Rehman was shot and killed on Wednesday in the city of Multan. He had been threatened after taking on the case of a university lecturer accused of blasphemy.

At the first hearing of the case in March 2014, held inside a prison for security reasons, Mr Rehman was threatened by lawyers representing the complainant. Rashid Rehaman was a dedicated activist from the very beginning.

All his life he was helping the downtrodden.

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