Chitrali nursing student Nusrat loses her battle for life

Amir Nayab

Chitral: Nusrat, a nursing student from the Laspur Valley of Chitral lost her battle for life today. She had sustained severe injuries after falling from the roof of the Khyber Teaching Hospital, where she was enrolled as a student.

The unfortunate accident took place on the 3rd of October, eight days ago.
She had reportedly slipped and lost her balance, falling off the three-story building’s roof, where she was studying along with her friends.

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Nusrat was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital for the last eight days.

Her death has saddened thousands of people who were praying for her fast recovery after the story about her accident was reported.

Nusrat breathed her last on Tuesday morning. She will be buried in her native village, Harchin.

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  1. This has to be investigated. Who were her friends and police and investigation department must investigate this and bring out the real cause. How can it be that only a Chitral girl fell and no any other pathan girl fell untill now. There must be a reason and I think she has dropped herself off because in Chitral girls drop theirself off from heights when some one tries to insult them. So she could not find a terichmir mountain in peshawar but was that hospital where she studied and jumped off and saved her honour from other nation.

    1. Excuse me Mr.. chitrali girls never do such radiculus must not use such language because your pointing out someone’s cultural.who told u that chitrali girls dropped off their selves from height,it’s your misconception better you ask some one and make your mind careful in future while discussing any such issues.

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