Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Pak Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization appoints new cabinet

KARACHI: (PR) Annual meeting of the Advisory Board of “The Pak Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization” (PHGSWO) was held on 22 September 2019 at PHGSWO office here in Karachi. Members of the Advisory Board, ex-chairman Mr. Moula Madad Qizill and all the cabinet members attended the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting was appointment of new Chairman and cabinet members for the term 2020-21. The newly appointed cabinet comprises of:

Mr. Babar Junaid                   Chairman

Mr. Jamil Rumi                      Vice Chairman

Ms. Noshad Bano                  Joint Vice Chairperson

Mr. Sultan Aziz                     General Secretary

Mr. Israr Ali                         Finance Secretary

Mr. Waseem Yar Baig          Information Secretary

The oath taking ceremony of the new leadership of will be held in the last week of October 2019.

The Advisory Board has congratulated the new leadership for rendering voluntarily services for a noble cause. The board members hoped that the new cabinet will follow the footsteps of the predecessors who rejuvenate this institution and did the good work in meeting the needs of the community. Board members applauded the services rendered by the previous cabinet under the dynamic leadership of Moula Madad Qizill. This organization has remained at the front to provide the financial and moral support to the diaspora of Hunza and Gilgit in Karachi.  Newly appointed Chairman and his cabinet members appreciated the work of previous cabinet and showed commitment to take the organization to the next level in the near future

The cabinet has further appointed 18 more members who will be working as, Advisors, Associate members, Coordinators and Portfolio members with new leadership.

Sr. No Name Designation E-mail ID
1 Niamat Karim Advisor Finance HGSWO
2 Nisar Ali Associate Finance
3 Rizwan Karim Media Coordinator
4 Noman Karim Media Coordinator
5 Naeem Mirza IT Coordinator
6 Liaqat Ali Hamiya IT Coordinator
7 Gohar Karim Portfolio Member Events & Program
8 Rozi Shah Portfolio Member Social Welfare
9 Shahid Ullah Portfolio Member Sports Event
10 Piyar Ali Portfolio Member Sports Event alihunzai84@gmail.Com
11 Shah Nawaz Area Coordinator
12 Sajida Tawakal Area Coordinator
13 Nasra Shakeel Area Coordinator
14 Sara Area Coordinator
15 Sherish Ali Area Coordinator
16 Nazeem Khan Area Coordinator
17 Amir Aman Shah Area Coordinator
18 Maria Office Secretary
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