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Blog Action Day Against Poverty




Bloggers from around the world are celebrating the “Blog Action Day Against Poverty” today. Millions ofpeople across the planet are discussing poverty and trying to push all of us to think about the issue, helping reduce poverty. Pamir News Blog, months ago, had discussed poverty in a very effective way. I would urge the readers to start yet another discussion here in this regard.

Let’s resolve, on individual and collective basis and become part of the global initiatives aimed at poverty reduction. 

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  1. The theme of the Blog day “Poverty” is an important topic to discuss.poverty is a common word in use but to address this issue is so difficult and this problem can not solved or resolved for ever but surely can minimized.There are many examples of developed world who successfully removed this term from their country but unfortunatly countrues like pakistan are unable to takle this issue.The gape between the rich and poor and the poorer is widening day by day.The reasions behind the failure to addderss this issue are the feudilism,curruption,political war,ill planning,nopotism,expolitation of resources,illetracy,rapid increase in population,miss interpretation and use of religious norms (like Jihad) and becamming the instruments etc.Pakistan is one of the richest country in the world in term of natural, mineral,agricultural,Human,water,resources and is situated in very important strategic location

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