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Baltistan Student Federation (BSF) for consensus among regional parties

by Muiz Gojali

Karachi, September 14: An Iftar dinner was held yesterday by BSF in Defense, Karachi, attended by a large number of journalists, leaders of regional associations, student bodies and political organizations.

BSF has been struggling for the rights of Gilgit – Baltistan, through democratic and political processes, since its inception. It has neither raised a slogan in favor of Pakistan, nor against it, focusing all its energy on resolution of the issues faced by youth of Gilgit – Baltistan. These views were expressed by leaders of BSF, while briefing the media about history and ideology of BSF.

They termed the package a positive step forward, while also expressing reservations about different clauses. Two schools of thoughts exist, regarding the package, it was said. One school of thoguth terms it as an eyewash and a fraud, while the other group sees opportunity in it.

Speakers alleged that secret agencies are trying to break BSF, by fanning sectarian and regional differences.

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