[Public Service Message] Donate a Book: Make a difference

By Rahat Karim

Our mission is to locate and collect used and new books from people who either do not know what to do with them or do not need them anymore. These books will be distributed and donated to people in remote mountain communities in Gilgit-Baltistan who need them but cannot afford them.

That old book which you have already read may go on to change someone’s life. Thereis nothing that can instigate a difference more than a book which initiates a change within oneself. Some books may seem very old to you, but they are new to those who have not read them.

  • Books are not made to sit in the furniture and host dust;
  • Books should not be kept captive,
  • Books are meant to be read and passed on;
  • Books are to be set free

So step ahead, donate a book, and make a difference!

WHAT TO DONATE: You can donate any book you want. We accept books from Nursery to Post Doctoral with same level of gratitude.


We have deputies in all major cities across Pakistan; all you have to do is contact uson our facebook page informing us about your location and number of books you wantto donate, we will link you to our deputy in your city who will come to pick them up from your doorstep.

We are working to establish a system through which donors will know where theirdonated books have been distributed, and donors donating children’s books will alsoreceive hand made special “Thank You” cards signed by children who received the books.

For donating book or other  querries contact;

Or visit; .!/home.php?sk=group_169902779687132

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  1. A really constructive Idea, indeed, but first of all we need to develop reading habits in the masses of our rural population. I have the experience in my village in the Hunza-Nagar District, where such a study centre was formed by donating books from individual members and contributions by the national and international sources. It remained centre of activity for the first few decades but gradually its started getting deserted because younger people were not interested to waste their precious time scrolling books and found some other means of time pass like, loafing around purposelessly, sitting in tea houses playing Ludo/cards and many found drugs more interesting and soothing then books.

    With the use of mobile phone service, the youth have literally forgotten their parents and taking meals as they do not find free time to give to their studies and social work. The rural ethics of mutual respect for elders, decency and humility have been lost and today females are more edict to mobilefobia then males. Do you think these guys can spare a few hours to read books, while every minute is really precious for them.

    I am not against the use of Mobil and modern developments but doubt that our youth may take any benefit from this idea, but I am sure, our older generation will really love to read interesting books, provided a conducive environment is provided for the readers.

    I fully support this idea and pray that our youth spare some time for books too.

  2. First of all Congratulations!!! Excellent idea though I am bit concerned about volunteer fatigue creeping in beside the cost of transportation but no reason for not doing this now. You can evolve the process as you go.

    While FaceBook is excellent place for net working still you need some thing of your own, accessible for all not demanding a FaceBook account. You need to put up an old fashioned web page for promoting old fashioned reading style called books:). If you need any help just give a shout for assistance.

    Jojon! cant find any thing wrong with your comments which unfortunately are based on true facts. Still my idea would be to give it a try, there is no such thing as 100% failure. If with the efforts of these people only few are able to change their life I think it is worth doing even if end result is only one. One never know what or when a thing will work.

    Goodluck! to all of the volunteers and please do report progress / activity on a regular basis [ you decide the period ] even if it is only one liner.

  3. I appreciate your ideas and mission for collecting books. Although we are in an advance era and internet is more useful and fast way to get new and updated information or discoveries, therefore I would request you to focus on establishing computer labs with the access of moderen educational requirements.
    I am not agreeing Mr. Jojon’s views about “females are more edict to mobilefobia then males.”When you check the education ratio male vs female, you will find huge difference.If you have the will to promote reading culture,first you have to provide them better environment with equipped resources. Don’t blame them because we don’t have the resouces for our generation. Secondly, we talk more rather than shutting up our mouth and do act for the better future of our youth and new generation. Thanks!

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