Youth led organization OEC’s Winter Dialogue held to discuss Vision 2020

Youth led organization OEC’s Winter Dialogue held to discuss Vision 2020

Islamabad: Organization for Educational Change (OEC) held the OEC Winter Dialogue on “Reflecting and reviewing the mission and vision of OEC for 2020”. The event was held on 31st January, 2016 at Potohar Hotel, Rawalpindi. The Patron in chief, goodwill partners, Monitoring and Advisory Council, Executive members and volunteers of OEC participated in the dialogue. OEC was privileged to have the presence of Dr. Sarangam Beyg, the Patron in Chief and other good-will partners and well wishers of OEC like Sardar Karim, Mamtaz Gohar, Naubahar Rafi, Syed Naveed Shah, Naveed Hussian, Imran Ahmed Hunzai and Tajjalee Abid.

The dialogue started with the brief introduction of participants and then the outcomes of previous summer dialogue held in 2012. The long term Vision for 2040 was discussed along with the progress made so far in achieving the goals. Achievements of OEC in the past 4 years were also analyzed. The patron in chief and good will partners appreciated the efforts of OEC team for their outstanding work and ensured their support in the future.

Very fruitful and intellectual thoughts were shared by the participants for the review and reinventing of OEC vision and to broaden the approach of OEC for the next 5 years. The progress of ongoing projects of OEC was discussed in detail and ideas were shared to improve and make the projects self- sustainable.

Dr. Sarangam Beyg focused on people to be emphasized for future. He said that now there is a need to highlight those people who are impacting our society at ground level, shifting from high achievers or people studying at premier institutions to the inspiration living back in GB who are impacting society. Mr. Sardar Karim, a Harvard postgraduate, highlighted the importance of impact assessment for the organization and ensured his commitment for assistance in the impact assessment of OEC on the society for future. He also ensured his support in the area of impact assessment of the various projects of OEC.

Moreover, the issues and challenging of MA and executive bodies were discussed. Some good suggestions were given to solve the issues and to make the organization more self-sustainable. The detailed discussion of this successful dialogue will be play a foundation role to redefine and review the vision of OEC for 2020.

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