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“We will expose the people who are trying to sell relief goods”, ex MDC Shehbaz Khan

A group photo of the Chinese and Pakistani delegations at Khunzhrav border

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Islamabad, September 9: Former member of the district council Gilgit from Gojal valley and a contestant in the GBLA general elections, Raja Shehbaz Khan, has thanked the Chinese government for sending relief goods for the disaster affected people of Gojal valley.

He said that around 2,000 tons of relief goods have already been received at Khunzhrav Pass, while more trucks are awaited.

“It is shameful that some elected representatives are trying to sell the fuel obtained as relief”, he said while talking to Pamir Times. He threatened to expose the leaders if they did not change their mind. “The relief items can not be sold”, he said. He further said that if the fuel is sold then the money obtained shall be spent on welfare of the people of Gojal only.

Leader of the Chinese delegation introducing his team members

Shehbaz also thanked the Pakistan Army  for facilitating the disaster affected people. “Pakistan Army will have to play an important role to ensure transparency in safekeeping and distribution of the relief items”, he said.

Shehbaz also said that his personal efforts to obtain the relief goods are a proof that he wants to serve the people. “Even in January 2010 I had obtained relief goods for Gojal but the chief minister and speaker refused to accept the goods”, he said.

Shehbaz also said that the relief goods have been sent by the people of China for the people of Gojal (Hunza). “Hunza has a 900 year old relationship with China and our friendship is stronger than the Himalayas”, he said. “No party or individual can claim credit for bringing the relief goods because it is from the people of China to the people of Hunza”, he further said.

7 thoughts on ““We will expose the people who are trying to sell relief goods”, ex MDC Shehbaz Khan

  1. Who is Mr Shehbaz? seriously… and how many Chinese officials in Beijing know Mr Shehbaz? this is getting so much funnier, on one hand he is speaking against the Representatives and on other hand he is claiming because of him the aid arrived. For Gods sake stop praising yourself. people need to be aware of uneducated representatives sitting in chinar baag and also should be aware of these self proclaimed leaders of far flung villages whom the outside world don’t know nothing about. In this scenario we need to trust our volunteers in distributing the things fairly.

  2. Dear friends of Pamir tims,
    its great effort by pamir tims team to work worr the particularly gojali people.
    we are thanks Chines for the RELIEF concern good for the areas.
    i just want to submit my personal feeling that after received the releif goods we should properly distribute the releif to concern people and it shoud through authorties not non resposible people.
    today Shabaz khan’s statment come to our notice. i just want to say please stop to favour this kind of LEADERS. we remember Mr Shabaz MDC period and his ROLE in dri port Sost.

  3. Ye lopyor Shahboz ye nef spo jon lecherraa, sakri malom ki thra Chinev thi Khish Taboresth gafch. yem Imdodedi Chin Govt dethk, thoo niv yem Siyosath desthan istifoda may char.. Ilthimos!!!

  4. dear editor…………
    i have no any concern about the past of Mr. Shabaz, but now if he is doing some good jobs and serves the people then we should be open and appreciate his good deeds.. be open people..

  5. Good opposition is constructive, no one knows this corrupt government can do any thing regarding to the relief goods provided by the Chinese government. we appreciate if Shehbaz or any other leader in this difficult situation can share their effort to overcome the problems.
    people of the region must think collectively for the betterment of the area rather then individually for politics.
    Many thanks to the Chinese government for providing the relief goods and for the local volunteers who are working in this operation.

  6. I do not know whose efforts materialized Chinese help in terms of in-kind goods, if it is because of some of the efforts of Mr Shabaz then credit goes to him otherwise displaying him as leader in the crisis without any input will damage the credibility of Pamir Times.

  7. dear all readers and editor sahab for your kind information the recent AID releif goods provided by the chines government was the decision of the federal government.of pakiatan the president and priminister of pakistn to provide this aid to uper hunza and these releif goods were part of the recent flood disaster in pkistan as united nation usa united kingdom saudi arabia and ather countries announced their commitment to spor pakistan and as one of the u s representative criticized that in this most worse situation in pakistan u s is the country fast to help the people of pakistan but where is china government so called freindof pakistan so this aid was announced for flood victims but this was the federal government who decided to provide these relief itemes to upar hunza by the request of the local government of gilgit baltistan becuase the comminication link between centre to gilgit baltistan were disconnected threfor it was not possible to sent relief items to these areas and it was decided in a meeting by the president of pakistan with chines embassador in islam Abad the editor sahab may inquir or verify from chines embassi in islam abad to president of pakistan and officialy the aid was received by the chief minister of Gilgit baltistan him self if there was a roll of any ather persone then whay he was not present to receive the relief goods him self please dont tray to make the people fool and i am surprise the comments of the people their knowledge information so called educated people this is the standar and leval of their information and this is also for the information of those so called educated people that according the constitution of pakistan pkistan army is part of the government the have to act according to the instruction of the cival administration so what ever the are doing has been ordered to them so if we should pay thanks to chines government your owne government of pakistan is equal deserve for appreciation thanks Nazir GOJALI KARACHI

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