Irfan Siddiqui’s article on disaster in Hunza

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  1. Would be so great if i could read this article – would it be possible to post this article in English???Or maybe send me a copy to my email address??Thank u so much!

  2. Wazir Baig , mehdi, and all the responsible people wake up and preserve our motherland……… why media and govt is silent now???

  3. Thanks Irfan sb for your time to write this article. You have truly reflected the concerns of the mountain population.

    The situation will be grave, if the lake outbursts!


  4. Thanks Irfan Siddiqui to high light the hidden truth. This is very true that in this crucial condition gov’t of Pakistan ignore us completely .we lost our families, our everything lost .History of Hunza is witness that in every difficult time we sacrifice our life for Pakistan and Pakistani Nation without waiting for a moment but today we are alone even media who proclaim that they unveil everything ,today where they all claimants? And the political leaders just shun rhetoric’s without doing any practical action. Why there is discrimination? World societies become a part of knowledge society and we accept that world become global village then still why there are distances, gape and rift between nations and communities .We forget the charm of brotherhood there for we found there is helter-skelter everywhere around us .
    Our families are still in tents, our education is suffering, no one even ask to help us in education. I personally even approach gov’t and NGO’s for assistance in education fee they didn’t give any response positively because they do not feel what we lost what is pain of losing birth place, what is pain of desolateness.
    With this hope that the conditions will soon change and we will again become thriving economically by hard working irrespective of time but this is true we miss our land, our orchards , our houses , every part of our small paradise through our life, there is strong sentiment with our village In every respect .
    I am still optimist towards people that they will come forward to assist us to come out from this painful situation and there is a lesson to all people of Hunza and GB that they come united .work in collaboration and respect their values and norms and celebrate diversity of this region which strength of Gilgit Baldistan.
    Kind regards
    MM Qizill Attabadi

  5. It is a pleasant surprise that Mr. Irfan Siddiqui has come out of his motonous topics about NROs and constitutions to this imminent problem. Thanks to him and we hope that other writers would do the same.

  6. thnx Mr.Irfan Sidiqui for your comprehensive and well explained artical. you have felt the pain of the effectees.

    Ali Masud


  7. Thank Siddiqui brothers: Irfan and Dr. Shahid Siddiuques for highlighting the issue.

    And a request for Mr. Sami lets learn that Constitution and NRO are not ordinary subjects. They too are of high importance. So if I don’t like one particular subject that doesn’t mean it is not important.

  8. I really appriciate the generlistic approach and well informed article presented by Irfan Siddique, we are very thankful if you could able to say some few words on TV programmes.
    M,Anwar Hunzai Head of COnsulate Pakistan Embassy Qatar.

  9. Inever like views of Mr. Irfan Siddiquei on national issues,specially with reference to his biased columns,backing of terror activities by Al-qaida/taliban(khawarij of our time ) and its allied wings crimes against humanity. Hwever I apreciate his column on Atabad Hunza disaster.He rightly tried to jolt the sense of govt,media and whole nation.

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