Protests for the people of Hunza – Gojal in Islamabad

Press Release

A peaceful protest will be held outside the GEO News Office, in Islamabad, against the government’s negligence and afterwards atrocities against the innocent people of calamity hit area on 3rd of June at 11:30 am. The protest will be headed by MNA Marvi Memon.

All the students of Gilgit – Baltistan are requested to join the proceedings and play their role for the rehabilitation of the displaced brothers and sisters in Hunza-Gojal who are living in a catastrophic situation in IDP camps.

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  1. All Student organisations from all corner of Gilgit, Baltistan, Diamer, Ghizer, Hunza and other parts of Pakistan please participate for the cause of Humanity. Its not a political compaig.

    We hope GECA will play its role to mobilise people otherwise such organisations will not be trusted, owned and respected. Its a challenging time for all.
    Good Luck All!!

  2. The goverment of Pakistan is not able to do anything specially for the people of Gojal, thanks to Marvi Memon that she is taking keen interest to solve this problem,the gojalians of islamabad must attend this protest to save their sweet motherland.

  3. The protest will give some exposure to Marvi Memon as she is always in search of such opportunities. Actually Marvi depends on entirely on situational politics as she knows that her party has no roots in public and it was promoted by Mr. Musharaf only for his own designs. After Musharaf, Marvi is feeling out of place and the only option with her is to take advantage of situations favourable to her. Currently national and international media is focused towards the situation in Hunza-Gojal, so Marvi is there to gain her share of publicity. Protest at this moment only benefit Marvi and not the people of Gojal and I think that the people of Hunza- Gojal well understand this and they won’t like someone to take advantage in their name.

  4. It,s good oppurtunity to awake the dead Govt. Thnx to Marvi for her great contibution, it,s very important that all the mass belonging to GB must participate in this procession.

  5. Not a single Gojali will be there to take part in this call for protest, we have become fond of protesting online on Pamir Times, right from our bedrooms.

    lets be practical and peacefully protest in the streets, why can’t we.

  6. Three students from Gilgit and Astore, 5 people from Gojal and one from Nagar showed up. Its difficult to reflect/ demonstate what you say!

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