Islamabad journalists protest against attacks on media in GB

ISLAMABAD, Aug 23 (APP): The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists(PFUJ) and the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) jointly held a protest rally to condemn the violent incidents against journalists in Khyber Pakhtunakhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and arrest of Al-Jazeera TV journalist in Israel.Member of National Assembly Akhunzada Chattan, Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Ajmal Khan Wazir, National Press Club President Afzal Butt, RIUJ President Tahir Rathore and RIUJ General Secretary Bilal Taheem were also present in the rally.

Speakers, while addressing the participants of rally, condemned the attack by some unknown miscreants on a team of the AVT Khyber News on in Peshawar, arrest of Al-Jazeera’s Kabul-based journalist Samir Allawi in Israel and violence against a local newspaper team in Gilgit-Baltistan.

They urged the government to take notice of the situation and take action against the culprits involved in violence against the journalists.

They said that journalists wanted protection throughout the country and the governments should fulfil their responsibilities.

They also called upon the international community and media organizations across the globe to strongly condemn the arrest of Samir Allawi by Israeli authorities and also ask Israel to release the journalist of Al-Jazeera TV who was doing no crime but performing his professional duties.

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  1. Law should be implemented in its true spirit and any injustice and act of cruelty should be condemned. My sympathies are with the journalists of GB, as I myself got this passion, but, it is really amazing to know the the journalists are exempted from being charged of any crimes and they are beyond the reach of any law and justice. The raid on a news paper office was not a defying act against any specific group, originally, it was followed by the clear orders from the CJ Supreme Appealed court Gilgit. Police just searched for the material or publishing data against the honor, dignity and prestige of a daughter of GB. I know a journalist, rather a crime reporter of a daily news paper, selling drugs and illegal weapons openly in the streets of Gilgit, so, it seems like he has got a license for that..!

  2. Weldone Administration who done this.Must be punished these so-called journalist in front of public .GB Journalist are not professional journalists earlier they selling newspapers after they become journalists. How many Journalists are Mass Comm degree holders??most of them are involve in China Smuggling n dealers of NON-Customs paid and remaining are busy in sectarian violence.

  3. My request to pamir times please dont cover such false news statements and dont support such un-professional journalists.thanks

  4. Its surprising to me as well while seeing some people who are declaring them selves as a prominent journalists, who really don’t deserve to be in this very responsible profession.

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