CM's rhetoric against local government officers received severe criticism

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Islamabad, January 11: The Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan recently said that the local government officials in GB are inept. He went further to say that the ‘public are asking for non-local’ bureaucrats in their region.

The irresponsible statement attracted wide spread condemnation from all segments of the society, including nationalist parties.

Many are questioning the abilities of Mehdi Shah himself. “He has openly admitted to be an illiterate person”, said an Islamabad student, with a grin on his face. “How can he find the guts to make such condescending remarks about career bureaucrats”, he further said.

The statement of CM Gilgit – Baltistan negates the government’s stand on appointment of locals in the GB Council Secretariat.

“If the locals are inept as bureaucrats, why is the Mehdi Shah government demanding hiring of local people in the government machinery”, said an NGO worker based in Islamabad.

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  1. We strongly regret the false statement of chief minister Gilgit Baltistan regarding the delays in transfer of funds; he deliberately hides his own failures by diverting it to the local secretaries of Gilgit Baltistan.Why not talking against those who sponsor illegal recruitments that results in creating frustration in youth and financial crises in GB.
    We are strongly hurt because he has specifically targeted Secretary Finance; everybody knows his honesty, integrity and competency. We are unfortunate to forget what the non-local sectaries damaged, no need to go in bitter history.
    CM must review his own performance as well his cabinet, he should also check the the level of competencies their minister hold in terms of delivery as well solving the complex socio-political issues of GB are they really capable of assessing qualified bureaucrats can they control them? What they have done either they passed any bill for introducing the local FPSC in Gilgit Baltistan, absence of that resulted in corrupting the system. What happened in KIU when failed candidates were inducted as lecturer while the meritorious were deprived of their right
    We strongly condemn the yellow journalism by local newspapers that without verification give headlines to a false and ill motive of those who are in favour of corruption not in favour of merit and honesty.
    The irresponsible statement given by CM GB is strongly irritating and confusing, CM changes his statements regarding local bureaucrats on daily basis. He is not clear what to say and how to say. Most of the local secretaries are competent efficient as well honest. We are unable to understand why he is creating chaos among local and non-local bureaucrats; in fact he is damaging his own image and weakening his own government. He is not clear about his authority and jurisdiction in running the affairs of the government.
    No body is above law so is the CM GB he has not the right to hurt those who follow merit and honesty. He should choose a language that suits his position and do not go for such bitter loose talks and gossips. Every person has the right to go in the court of law for false blame and defaming their status in future.

  2. Saleem is 100% right and the statement of the CM and his cabinet members from time to time regarding local officers. This is unfortunate that the elected representatives who, instead of supporting the local bureaucrats, who are competent and honest.

    Yes, they do not support the corruption because they are morally bound to serve the region and fight against corruption. This may have harmed the opportunists who have hijacked the party these days. These opportunists have only one agenda and that is “LUTTO TEY PHUTTO”

    Take any minister in the cabinet and see his competence, including Mr. CM. What to say about their character and deeds.

    Oh God, Please save our beloved homeland – Gilgit Baltistan

  3. Actually poor CM meant that locals are incapable of sitting in position whatsover. This implies he himself is incapable and all other members are incapale as they are also local. He has given this statement to deliberately make his masters happy and in a way he has invited them to come and rule the incapables. Mr. CM don’t forget that you claim that for the first time in history the people of Gilgit-Baltistan have got the chance to self govern. Now it is your and all other MLAs responsibities to show us that you have really a say in the governance of GB.

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