Baltistan climber to scale Everest

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SKARDU, March 20: The renowned climber from Baltistan Hassan Sadpara will be off to Nepal to climb the highest peak of the world Mount Everest without using oxygen.

A farewell party in this connection was hosted by Ghulam Raza Haideri, member Alpine Club of Pakistan and district in-charge of MQM here. Deputy Commissioner Skardu Zarq Mira presided over the farewell meeting. A large number of people participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Zarq Mira said, the government is making all out efforts to promote tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan. He said the number of tourists had increased after the region was renamed, adding, only about 10,000 tourists used to come to the region every year in the past but now 25,000 tourists had visited GB only last year.

He said, a mountaineering school was being established in Baltistan to train the local climbers and promote the sport. He further said that all motels run by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation were being handed over to local tourism promotion department.

Speaking on the occasion, Hassan Sadpara said, it was his ambition to scale Mount Everest in 2007, but he could not do so because of financial problem. “I am thankful to President Zardari for sponsoring my Mount Everest expedition, and now I am optimistic to succeed in my mission,” he said. Mr Sadpara resolved that he would conquer the world`s highest peak without using oxygen.

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  1. Congratulation in advance, Mr. Sadpara. We hope and pray that may almighty Allah make your visit successful.
    I wish, if you were with a full consist of the great climbers from G-B. That could be more effective and a sort of team work by GB Climbers.
    Just for the sake of my personal, information I would like to know to know that why did Zardari sponsored a single climber? There could be a genuine reason for it that why not shaped a team of climbers? Hassan would be a good climbers but I think we have some other great climbers who are may be more experienced, more technical climbers and they have delivered their best result for Pakistan. If thy would be part of the team along with Hassan Sadpara, that could be easy to attempt everest and it could also be a sort of encouragement for those climbers, like Rajab Shah, Mehruban Shah, Qudrat Ali, Rehmatullah baig, Sheen, Wahab, Sajjad and many other great climbers are such that they even don’t think about the oxygen and would never use it to clime Everest.

    Anyways…now what to do, if they are not part of the team??? We are can Just pray for Sadpara that he may climb Everest successful…I hope God will help you. Ameen

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